EVI Web Search Demo: The First Interactive Voice AI Podcast

Published on May 15, 2024

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Hume’s Empathic Voice Interface (EVI) is now the first voice API capable of native web search.

To showcase EVI’s new ultra-fast web search functionalities, we’re introducing Chatter, the first interactive voice AI podcast. Chatter uses real-time web search to provide daily news updates — users can interrupt the AI host to switch topics, or dig deeper into their favorite stories. Experience an early window into the future of interactive media here:

Imagine what you can build with empathic voice AI and web search:

  • Smart shopping assistants: seamlessly search for product reviews, compare prices, and find the best deals—all through voice commands.

  • Dynamic educational tools: create interactive learning experiences that use web search to find educational content tailored to student’s unique needs.

  • On-demand travel advisors: develop voice assistants that provide real-time travel tips, from restaurant reviews to local attractions, easily offer users up-to-date recommendations.   

Chatter is just one exciting example of what’s possible with web search - the potential for innovative voice AI applications is limitless. Developers can start building today:


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