About Hume

Hume is a research lab and technology company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence is built to serve human goals and emotional well-being.

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Our vision

We envision a future where AI systems use scientific approaches to fulfill human needs. Emotional intelligence is the missing ingredient needed to build AI systems that proactively find ways to improve your quality of life.

Ethical values

Our work is guided by The Hume Initiative

The Hume Initiative
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AI should be deployed only if its benefits substantially outweigh its costs.

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AI privy to cues of our emotions should serve our emotional well-being.

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Scientific Legitimacy

Applications of AI should be supported by collaborative, rigorous, inclusive science.

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Emotional Primacy

AI should be prevented from treating human emotion as a means to an end.

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The benefits of AI should be shared by people from diverse backgrounds.

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People affected by AI should have enough data to make decisions about its use.

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AI should be deployed only with the informed consent of the people whom it affects.

We are addressing the AI alignment problem and the limitations of language by building AI systems that measure and optimize for human emotional well-being.

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Our academic origins

A history of emotion science

David Hume

1739 | David HUME

Hume argues that emotions drive choice and well-being

At Hume AI, we take this as a guiding principle behind ethical AI: in order to serve our preferences, algorithms should be guided by our emotions.

Recognizing the need to map out the emotions that animate thought and action, Hume also proposed a taxonomy of over 16 emotional states, but lacked scientific evidence.


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