Episode 24 Compassion & Customer Service | The Feelings Lab

Published on Jun 14, 2022

Join Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen, Cogito CEO Josh Feast and host Matt Forte as they discuss the potential for AI tools to bring more empathy to customer service. Customer service conversations can affect our quality of life, so whether we feel heard rightly determines our perception of brands.

We begin with Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen and Cogito CEO Josh Feast discussing how nonverbal communication determines trust, from pauses to polite tones, in customer service and beyond.

Cogito CEO Josh Feast describes how Cogito's technology parses nonverbal signals in customer service calls, such as the rhythm of turn-taking, to make vital predictions.

Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen wonders about the psychological study of customer service and the function of expressive signals such as laughter in those interactions.

All this and more can be found in our full episode, available on Apple and Spotify

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