Episode 14 Love and the Future of Dating | The Feelings Lab

Published on Feb 22, 2022

Join Hume AI CEO, Dr. Alan Cowen, and the President of Tawkify, Kellie Ammerman, with host Matt Forte as they discuss “Love and the Future of Dating.” Amid the pandemic, more people have turned to dating apps in search of meaningful relationships. In a world where AI curates our matches, is it possible for algorithms to optimize for deeper connections over shallow attractions? Perhaps a combination of AI and human matchmakers is necessary to help people find love more easily in this ever-changing landscape of dating. 

AI is deciding who we date. Is it making the right decisions? Tawkify President Kellie Ammerman discusses the AI algorithms that currently drive dating apps. Hint: they have a lot in common with the algorithms behind Netflix, Twitter, and Facebook.

Later, Dr. Alan Cowen and Kellie Ammerman reflect on the importance of compatibility in relationships, and what the research tells us about successful (and unsuccessful) pairings.

Can technology create more love in the world? Hume AI CEO Dr. Alan Cowen discusses what it would take to develop the ideal dating app, optimized for deeper connections.

All this and more can be found in our full episode, available on Apple and Spotify

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